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Auburn BOA

Allieway knows the heart of a municipality project is in its community. We start by understanding the spirit of the place, its history, the hopes of its people, and the exciting opportunities revitalization will bring. We ask creative questions, listening closely for themes, identity and possibilities, and develop branding, strategic messaging and marketing collateral that communicates the vision with clarity and style. A hallmark of Allieway’s services is to engage communities in fun and interesting ways through focus groups, events and social media outreach.

The end result tells a story of the community’s vision for its future and motivates investors and other stakeholders to learn more about the local area. Allieway creates and produces all graphic design to support the branding and messaging and provides ongoing marketing support. As experienced professionals, we collaborate with the professional architects, engineers, planners, market analysts, and economic development firms – going the extra mile to make sure the project appears seamless to the municipality.

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The City of Auburn, NY, is developing a plan to revitalize its downtown core and Owasco River corridor. The community has a strong industrial history and the project is a framework for new initiatives to improve the economy and quality of life for residents and businesses. 


The Challenge

We want Auburn branding and marketing to excite people about the efforts to revitalize the downtown business district and surrounding neighborhoods. The brand must help developers, the business community and residents imagine the positive impact on the City of Auburn, and stay true to the community’s sense of pride and ownership. The marketing collateral must sell the project to multiple audiences to change perceptions and encourage investment. 


The Work

Allieway’s first step in the branding process was discovery. We asked stakeholders to describe the city’s history and their dreams for the future, seeking to thoroughly understand the community’s identity. Through one-on-one interviews, regular project meetings, focus groups and public information sessions tailored to the community, Allieway honed in on key ideas and phrases that describe Auburn’s way of life, business opportunities, and arts, recreation and culture. 

Allieway presented multiple viable project logos and taglines, from which the client chose Auburn SPARKS – Synergy. Play. Arts. Reinvention. Kinship. Simplicity. The client was especially happy with how the color palette reflects the life, vibrancy and warmth of the community (even blending with colors of the local high school). Allieway created an exciting logo and taglines to communicate industry reinvention, creativity and inspiration in the culinary and creative arts, and simplicity and kinship for Auburn residents. Allieway developed designs for marketing collateral, presentations, brochures, inserts and digital media that aid the City of Auburn in its community-driven effort to revitalize the city’s downtown core and Owasco River corridor. 

Allieway understands the importance of engaging residents and stakeholders throughout the planning process, and in ways that fit the character of the community. Creative community outreach is a hallmark of Allieway services, and the fun and interesting activities Allieway creates – from photo contests to marketing campaigns – encourage interest and excitement. 

The Results

Allieway’s creative approach to gathering information from key stakeholders and residents not only garnered ideas and feedback, but also generated enthusiasm for the project. The branding has been critical to the city’s ability to describe Auburn’s revitalization to others, including community residents, industrial end users, developers, small business owners and government agencies. The client says the Auburn SPARKS brand has helped the community become more energized and excited, giving everyone a language to describe their vision for the future. 


The Allieway Difference

We work hard to understand the history and hopes of a place and its people by asking creative questions of the multiple stakeholders – and listening closely to the answers. Our mission is to provide you with a solid brand and a clear message to create awareness of the community as a destination, a place to call “home” and a place for commerce.