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Buffalo Public Schools
BESOLAR Pathways Program

How much is an expensive degree worth? Experts suggest a student should not leave college with debt that is greater than their annual salary for their first job.  When you consider that the average college student will pay $40,000 for a four-year degree at a public university, it seems clear that college may not pay off for every student.

Buffalo Schools have a long-standing tradition of offering vocational training to students, as an alternative to the four-year college degree. Kathy Heinle is the Director of the Career and Technical Education, or CTE, program for the district. She explains, “We were able to update all of our programs to accommodate modern technologies under the reconstruction project at few years ago”. Buffalo Schools currently have 26 programs registered with New York State education.

Jackie Mobley works three jobs to support her family. Her son, Jeremiah, is a freshman at McKinley High School this year, and starting the electrical program. “If anything breaks in my home, because I own my own home, he can fix it”, said Mobley. She is excited for him to complete the program, and take advantage of an opportunity she never had, and she’s not alone.

Monique DeJarnette plans to help her son, Shemar, complete the carpentry program at McKinley. “Maybe job-wise the opportunities will be a little better. And he can see that what we go through, the way we’ve struggled, now if he stays with his job that we he doesn’t have to struggle”, explained DeJarnette.

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