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Harker Bio

HarkerBIO is a biotechnology company that provides services to rapidly and cost effectively advance the development of pharmaceuticals. Based on technologies developed at the world-renowned Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute (HWI), HarkerBIO determines the near atomic-resolution, three-dimensional structures of drug target and drug target – therapeutic agent complexes, to greatly accelerate the drug design process. HarkerBIO’s technology directly images a drug’s mechanism of action, which is critical to optimize a drug candidate and to capture a strong IP position. Through our high-throughput pipeline, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies gain access to the latest and most advanced technologies in Structural Biology. Specifically, HarkerBIO provides a state-of-art pipeline from protein expression and purification, target crystallization, structure determination, through to drug discovery. Through partnerships with industry, we are developing the next generation of therapeutics for a broad spectrum of diseases and health conditions. 

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Services Rendered

  • Strategic planning & messaging
  • Packaging concepts & development
  • Client research/due diligence
  • Customized proposals
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Graphic design & production
  • Awards submissions
  • Presentations