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HHL Architects, Inc.

Allieway helped HHL Architects, Inc. consolidate their branding efforts, including development of sales collateral and preparation of templates for proposals and presentations.

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The Work

When Allie Balling of Allieway Marketing began working with HHL Architects, the firm already had a 40-year history as one of the preeminent architecture firms in Western New York. Based in Buffalo, NY, the firm had brought its attention to detail, creativity and focus on quality to countless projects ranging from preservation/restoration of historic properties to cutting-edge new builds and adaptive reuse.

But all that history didn’t help their marketing much if they weren’t able to utilize it effectively to land future projects. That’s where Allie came in. She helped HHL Architects to make sure they were drawing fully on their track record of success when it came to marketing and selling for new projects. She consolidated their branding efforts, building on the initial efforts performed by another agency for a complete re-brand, which drew on feedback from clients to develop a new logo. Allie executed on sales collateral including preparation of templates for proposals and presentations.

She also rolled up her sleeves and completely reorganized their behind-the-scenes marketing process and support materials. This included diving in to categorize past project photos and to develop a cohesive plan for marketing support going forward.

The result?

A process-oriented marketing plan that keeps HHL Architects organized under a new cohesive and modern brand.