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Joy Kuebler Landscape Architects, PC

Joy Kuebler Landscape Architects, PC (JKLA), a 10-year-old firm headquartered in Buffalo, NY, is known for integrating landscape architecture and the logistics of the outdoors to create unique and inspiring environments.

Their proposals, however—a key element in winning new business—fell short of the firm’s reputation.

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Enter Allieway Marketing.

Allie collaborated with the JKLA staff to produce polished and professional qualifications and custom proposals, which included project sheets and resumes. This helped streamline the process – so the client no longer has to start from scratch every time a new proposal is needed. In addition, to help reach prospects and existing customers, a brochure was created promoting the firm’s broad-ranging expertise. Market inserts to be used in print and electronically were also developed.

But Allie’s work didn’t stop there.

As with all her clients, she wants to help each company grow and reach its full potential. Doing so, though, means a strategic marketing plan is necessary to map out the goals, steps, and tactical measurements it will take to get there. Allie’s plan for JKLA included a re-brand; public relations efforts with specific industry associations; and employing “touch-point tactics” to ensure JKLA is leveraging promising opportunities.

The result?

A strategic plan that guides JKLA toward developing the relationships necessary to secure future work and the right marketing materials in place to pitch prospective clients and prevail over the competition.

“Allie truly has helped us reach our full potential as a firm. She came in with a plan to help streamline the proposal process, which not only was far less time consuming for the customer, but for us as well. She went above and beyond to help us rebrand and create a strategic marketing plan. Thanks to Allie’s work, we can further differentiate ourselves from our competition, and guarantee the longevity of our business.”

President & CEO, Joy Kuebler Landscape Architects, PC

July 20, 2014