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Prentice Office Environments

Prentice Office Environments is a premier provider of office furniture and products to Buffalo-area businesses. Unfortunately, their client proposals didn’t quite match up to their stellar reputation.


That’s where Allieway Marketing came in.

Ms. Balling dove right in and rolled up her sleeves to create proposal templates in PowerPoint that delivered two important benefits. The first is that they offered a cohesive “look and feel” that reinforced Prentice’s brand as a company. The proposals featured sophisticated product visuals on the covers and tabs along with essential information, like project approach details, project experience highlights, and updated resumes. The second benefit is that the templates are simple to use ­– even for those who aren’t computer savvy.

The result? Consistently high-end and effective client proposals that are easy for Prentice to produce in-house.

Allieway’s work with the client proposals led to a “bigger picture” role focused on the company’s 2012 Strategic Plan. She worked with seven members of Prentice’s leadership team, coordinating a two-day strategic planning session during which three major strategic goals for the company were defined. Each goal was outlined in a detailed implementation plan with measurable tactics and ownership assigned to specific managers. Once the plan was created, Allie continued to attend regular management meetings and consult with the leadership team to ensure Prentice was staying on course with the plan.

The result?

A goal-oriented marketing strategy that kept Prentice on-track toward successfully achieving important marketing objectives.