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Create an unforgettable public image for your company.

Allieway now offers a full range of Public Relations Services including print, online and broadcast media relations, social media strategy and execution, influencer marketing and partnership programming.


Public Relations Services

  • Celebrity/VIP Relations
  • Event Production and Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Media Training
  • Print, Online and Broadcast Media Relations
  • Social Media Strategy and Execution
  • Sponsorship/Partnership Identification, Evaluation, Execution


Some notes on what these things actually mean:

  • Social Media Strategy and Execution
    • Identifying and executing key social media outlets for individual client needs (eg instagram may not make sense for certain brands)
    • Calendar building for social media execution
    • Depending on the client setup, maintaining said social outlets
  • Influencer Marketing
    • Identifying key influencers in each client market which could include:
      • Bloggers
      • Social media “stars”
      • Community influencers (TV personalities, socially engaged individuals)
    • Programing
      • Eg. for a restaurant and experience based clients, getting people in the door. For product based clients, executing mailings of products and press collateral (lookbooks, swatches eg)
  • Print, Online and Broadcast Media Relations
    • Identifying key market outlets including:
      • National Print Outlets
      • Regional Print Outlets
      • Online Media
      • Broadcast Media
    • Calendering, writing and pitching outlet specific media outreach based on the overall marketing calendar
  • Media Training
    • Preparing for on camera, radio, phone interviews
    • Arranging and advising on beauty, grooming and styling for on camera appearances
  • Event Production and Marketing
    • Event planning strategically placed around major product launches, store openings etc.



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