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Spicer Group

Allie Balling’s work for Spicer Group, a commercial construction firm, was all the result of being in the right place at the right time. Allie met owner Shandra Spicer to discuss community activities – and wound up discussing the name change of Ms. Spicer’s firm instead.

When Allie asked for the work, she prevailed and was hired to handle the rebrand and marketing for the newly named Spicer Group. Since the firm had done minimal marketing in the past, Allie was able to start from scratch and hit the ground running.

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The Work

In the new marketing materials, Allie worked with the client to bring the firm’s vision and philosophy to life. In order to overcome the struggles often associated with a name change, it was vital that the new brand and subsequent marketing efforts communicate all of Spicer Group’s services and illustrate that the company was flourishing.

Once the brand’s overall look and feel was solidified, Allie got to work with the client on producing a variety of marketing materials, including:

  • A firm brochure
  • A firm qualification packet, which included firm overview, resume, project, and approach pages
  • Custom tabs for qualification packets and proposals
  • A launch announcement with custom envelopes and stickers
  • Thank you cards
  • A website
  • A screensaver
  • Advertisements and banners

The client was so impressed with the new brand and marketing materials that they hired Allie to develop a strategic plan. To do so, she met with the firm’s management for regular planning sessions and produced the company’s 2013 strategic plan.

The Result

Spicer Group now has a solid brand in place that clearly communicates their services and the value they deliver to their clients. They also have a detailed strategic plan – complete with steps for marketing and client development – that will help them achieve their future goals.