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Stach PLLC

CULTIVATING an appreciation for the cultural legacy of place
CONSERVING the earth’s limited resources
CREATING new and vibrant visions for places of timeless heritage & unrivaled natural beauty.
These values are inherent in our approach to design and reflect our training, experience and passion. While every landscape, and every client is unique, each are engaged in a rigorous process of inquiry, analysis, and design, honed to conserve culturally and historically valuable spaces. Every project incorporates, at minimum the following basic activities in order to cultivate an understanding of the landscape and its legacy—historical research, existing conditions analysis, period(s) of significance, assessment of landscape change and continuity of key characteristics over time— as the foundation to create works that reveal the legacy and narrative of each landscape.

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Services Rendered

  • Strategic planning & messaging
  • Copywriting & editing
  • Graphic design & production
  • Brand Development
  • On-going Marketing Support