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City of Durham

City of Durham

The City of Durham is an innovative, diverse, and entrepreneurial community where passion and pride for community thrive. With over 24 departments that exist to support incredible residents and improve their lives by delivering cost-effective, highly responsive services with integrity and friendliness.

This city is a place to live, visit, and study. It is a place that supports innovation, a place that leads the world in research and healthcare, a place for arts, education, and sports. It is a place rich in cultural identity, diversity, and inclusivity. The City of Durham’s organizational logo is the visual foundation that represents each of the attributes that makes Durham a great place to live, work, and play.



  • 1 New City of Durham Logo
  • 15 Brand Guide Sections 
  • 25 Interviews with Key Internal & External Stakeholders
  • 40 Departmental & Program Logos 
  • 200+ Departmental Templates
  • 1 NC Association of Government Information Officers Excellence in Communications Award
  • 1 NC3C Excellence in Communications Award

Services Rendered

  • Strategic Messaging
  • Copywriting & Editing
  • Graphic Design & Production
  • Brand Development
  • Marketing & Communications Plan
  • Collateral
  • Website Design & Development Coordination
  • Community Outreach Interviews
  • On-going Marketing Support